What makes Food Keto Friendly

The Keto Diet,

A mainly Fat and Protein rich Diet that focuses on a minimal consumption of Carbohydrates. A usual intake of a 70/25/5 ratio, respectively.

Using the ratio, we can now judge which foods are best to eat while on a Keto Diet. All foods that are high in fat and moderate to low in protein is a perfect fit for getting into and staying in a state of Ketosis.

Let’s touch on some foods you should avoid. The quality of Fats you intake must still be of good quality (as with any diet) to see any results. Eating a mainly fat rich diet can be tricky especially when you’re looking to lose weight, as most people who struggle with weight loss struggle with their what to put into their diets.

Protein powder, in the classic state should not be used while on a Keto Diet since it’s fat contents is on average very low. You can get around that by making your own shake by adding heavy cream or whole milk as the base, raw cocoa powder, and nut butters to thicken the mix and add a whole bunch of healthy fats with the protein powder.

Anything pan or deep fried must be avoided, since you’re destroying the healthy fats by heating it to the point where it’s used to fry food.

Foods to eat while on Keto

Stick with a small amount of healthy fats and oils to keep things simple. A great set of oils to keep in your house would be Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) and Unrefined Coconut OIl.

Nuts, seeds, and fish are great for main meals or to have as a snack. The fat to protein ratio makes these great options.

With meats and poultry, stick to fattier cuts and avoid lean game meats. For poultry avoid turkey as it’s a very lean animal compared to chicken and duck.

mackerel fish healthy food fat hd

Fish is quite versatile, and especially if you enjoy sea food you’ll have many options available to you to add to your Keto Diet.

Starting off with ocean and river lake fish we have the Salmon, praised for being a great source of healthy omega fatty acids and more importantly, its amazing taste. You should try to eat fish twice a week as to not get an elevated amount of mercury in your system.

A great way to know which fish has the most mercury parts per million is to see where it sits on the food chain, the closer to the bottom the lower the mercury, and the higher it is on the food chain the more mercury it has in its system.

It takes around 15 Meals worth of Mackerels to intake the same amount of mercury you’d get by eating 1 meal worth of Swordfish.

Salmon is in the middle-low part of the food chain, so you shouldn’t eat too much of it.

The fish you can eat a lot of without needing to worry about mercury poisoning would be Sardines, Mackerel, Canned Tuna, Sole, and shellfish (you can fit these into your diet up to 4 days per week).

Nuts and seeds, great for snacking. You can make your own type of trail mix to either have at work or anywhere while you’re on the go.

If you chose to buy your own, avoid the ones that contain lots of fruit and unecessary carbs.

Certain seeds contain a lot of fiber which is a form of a carbohydrate. Avoid eating too many carb heavy seeds as well.

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Avocado’s are one of the few vegetables you can eat often, being low in carbs and high in fats makes it great for sides or coupled in a main course.

Cheese, one of the most versatile proteins available in the Keto Diet. Having so many different options and variations available make cheeses a must have in your daily Keto Diet.

Most common cheeses are 1:1 ratio of Fats to Protein, and some are come close to double the fat contents.

Make sure you keep the sodium intake to a minimum. Since some cheeses have so much sodium that it can start to negatively impact your health if you eat too much for a lengthy period of time.

swiss cheese wheel platter cut piece healthy fat mydietgoal hd stock

Eggs are fantastic. You’ll be having eggs almost daily, they can be used everywhere and eaten at anytime. Nearly a 1:1 ratio of fats to proteins and offers a great source of Cholesterol and Potasium.

Don’t skip on the Yolks! That’s where all of the healthy fats and Cholesterols are found.

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Yogurt, whether it’s greek or plain, can be both great to add into your Keto Diet.

Being able to take this snack anywhere can help you keep your diet in check.

Make sure when you opt for yogurt to get the low-to-no sugar option.

The most common practice most companies do with their yogurt is they reduce the fat and add sugar to keep a good flavor profile.

Make sure you get the full-fat option for yogurt! The extra sugar you intake can harm your state of Ketosis but introducing too many carbs into your diet.

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