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About MyDietGoal

MyDietGoal.com is a Wellness and Fitness website that helps you live a healthy lifestyle, keep a healthy life balance, and maintain a balanced diet. Easy to follow and useful for everyone, of all ages. Losing weight and building muscle was never clearer, we simplify the whole process for you.

We guarantee you that using our Meal and Fitness Plans will give you amazing results, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Free Resources, Just for You.

At MyDietGoal we strive to offer as much free information that’s both useful and as accurate as possible to our readers. Here are links to all of our free content:

  • Food Guide Catalog: This serves as a tool for anyone looking to make changes to their diets or to simply get informed on everyday foods. See the health benefits, side effects, nutrition facts, scientific research papers, and images of household foods, cooking ingredients, and many more!
  • Articles: We write about foods, diets, cooking and baking recipes, commercial food reviews, as well as many other health and wellness articles!
  • Other resources such as eBooks and Calculators: Our free eBooks and Calculators help you verify different metrics that can help you determine your body fat levels and your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

    These metrics help you see how many calories you burn per day and how many calories you need to cut or add to gain or lose a certain amount of weight.

See Your Potential with MyDietGoal

Our meal plans help you Lose Fat and Build Muscle Easily and Efficiently. You’ll see results within your first week.

Following our fitness plan will net you amazing results. In the first few months, you’ll notice a huge physical and mental change along with your progress.

MyDietGoal Thanks You.

First, I’d like to thank you for spending time getting to know our brand.

We’ve founded MyDietGoal to help everyone learn more about how their body’s work, teach people with great detail about keeping a clean diet, and explain proper workouts and routines that all too often are done incorrectly.

I’m an avid mental and physical health analyst, after managing many cases all at different stages of physical and mental health, my team and I have been able to develop a method that will guide you towards, and exceed your goals.

We assess the appropriate intake of calories and macronutrients at your current state to get you to lose weight, build muscle, as well as elevate your mood and mindset (which comes hand in hand with eating well).

We’ll be personally reviewing your information and giving you an effective meal and/or a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and goal in mind.

Making changes to your lifestyle is a challenge, we simplify everything in a way that’s easy for you to digest (literally). Although, even after giving you the tools to succeed in the world of fitness you’ll have to be willing to put in the work, and take control of your habits.

If you’re ready to get on the path of attaining a better lifestyle, we’ll gladly help you every step of the way.

Christopher Karam | MyDietGoal Founder

MyDietGoal’s Board and Medical Team

About Christopher Karam

I am an IT Analyst by day and fitness trainer and nutritionist by night.

I’ve been practicing computer science, creating web applications, and analyzing business as well as IT infrastructure since 2016.

I fell in love with nutrition and fitness in 2015.

I started working out and learning everything there is to know about proper exercise, nutrition, health, and the psychology behind poor eating habits.

In 2015 is when I received my Personal Training Certificate (PT).

After learning more about health, wellness and nutrition, these became my passion and that’s when I began locally training here in Ontario, Canada.

In 2016 I also became a certified dietitian and nutritionist.

My clients saw amazing results and I knew I would be able to help many more people online.

My goal is to spread accurate information in regards to health, dieting, fitness, and nutrition so that everyone would be able to read and understand what to add or change in their diets.

I created MyDietGoal for the purpose of helping people, which is our #1 priority, and I am proud to say we’ve served over 1000 clients which is a fantastic milestone for me personally, as well as the MyDietGoal brand.

If you’re looking for a meal plan or fitness plan you can find them at pricing & plans.

If you need any help or have any inquiries whatsoever, you can also contact us anytime.

About Dr. Riad

I am a general practitioner who has been serving patients for over 30 years now. I’ve graduated from the University of Cairo in 1982 and received my Independent Practice Certificate in 1987.

I specialize in family medicine under the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) accreditation, being trained at all 17 Canadian medical schools. I am a clinical family physician and specialize in family medicine.

I have also helped local patients that have been visiting me for over 20 years now. By administering medication only when necessary and firmly believe that food is the cure to most illnesses and complications.

Eating healthy food can have a drastic change and impact on people’s lives. A simple change in a person’s diet can reduce symptoms of arthritis, heart disease as well as many other issues.

I perform reviews, you can use either the food guide catalog or see our articles.

If there are any questions regarding my services for MyDietGoal, please contact us.

Micheal Bader - M.D - Researcher

Micheal Bader

M.D – Researcher

About Dr. Micheal

I am a researcher working at the Government of Canada and have achieved a doctorate in biochemistry at the University of Ottawa.

I have always held an interest in dieting and nutrition, along with their effects on mental and physical health.

There are many foods that can contribute to well-being that doesn’t strictly involve medications. This is obviously not applicable in many cases but to the conventional reader, it makes a big difference.

Eating healthy food along with proper medication can drastically improve someone’s life. If you want to know more about what foods are healthy and foods to avoid, you can read more on our food guide catalog or articles.

If you have any questions regarding my services for MyDietGoal, please contact us.

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