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Get access to the most effective meal and workout plans. Focused on weight loss, nutrition, and muscle building.

Choose between a 30-day to 365-day plan, made just for you.


Meal Plan

$ 12 - 26 USD / month, Billed Once

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  • Monthly Focused Coaching Updates (Value of 700$)

  • Meal Plan and Wellness Plan (Value of 1100$)

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting (Value of 150$)

  • Grocery Shopping Guidelines and Tips (Value of 250$)

  • Personal Dietary Assessment (Value of 350$)

  • Weight Loss Advice and Consultations (Value of 300$)

  • 24/7 Customer Support and Dietary Advice (Value of 50$)
  • That's a value of 2,900$ starting at 25$/Month

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Benefits Of Using Our Plans


Meal Plan

  1. Nutrition and Weight Loss Focused
  2. Loses Body Fat
  3. Loses Belly Fat
  4. Slims Down Your Waist
  5. Improves:
    1. Heart Health
    2. Brain Health
    3. Bone Health
    4. Eyesight
    5. Immune System
  6. Reduces Stress
  7. Reduces Anxiety
  8. Improves Mood

Meal and Workout Plan

  1. Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Muscle Building Focused
  2. Builds Muscle
  3. Increases Strength
  4. Loses Body Fat
  5. Loses Belly Fat
  6. Tones Your Whole Body
  7. Slims Down Your Waist
  8. Improves:
    1. Heart and Cardiovascular Health
    2. Brain Health and Cognitive Function
    3. Bone Health and Strength
    4. Eyesight and Eye Health
    5. Strengthens Your Immune System
    6. Improves Joint Health
  9. Reduces Stress
  10. Reduces Anxiety
  11. Improves Mood
  12. Increased Happiness
  13. Boosts Confidence


What Our Happy Customers Are Saying!

Going into this I thought I was gonna go through some kind of deprivation eating plan. But I actually started eating more, and I was able to lose weight too. Couldn’t be happier with the results and the quality of service.
— Allen J.
Everyone should get on MyDietGoals’ meal plans, they’re so effective. I never feel restricted, and I’ve been losing weight every single week. Fantastic service.
— Mikayla C.
I’ve seen SUCH a big difference in how I look, feel, and behave. It’s crazy to think that eating well and working out can positively influence so many different parts of your life. These plans WORK!
— Joseph R.
I’m SO happy I finally decided to get on a meal plan. I avoided losing weight for so long but MyDietGoal made it really easy for me. The meal plans were easy to follow, and I was eating tasty, satisfying meals every day. And after all that I still lost 20 pounds, It barely felt like a diet!
— Madison L.

Meal Plan

Meal and Workout Plan



Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

  1. First, choose your plan between our weight loss-focused Meal Plan or Meal and Workout plan.

  2. Purchase your order, you’ll then receive an email with a short and easy form to fill.

  3. After we get your submission, we’ll forward you a weight loss eating plan along with everything else that comes with your plan - in 2 business days.

  4. Using our easy-to-follow guidelines and advice, you’ll start to drastically lose body fat, total weight, and improve your overall health.

  5. At the beginning of every month (or 30-day period, depending when you made your order) we’ll reach out for a follow-up and tweak anything in your plan if you need us to.

  6. Enjoy the results!

What’s included in my weight loss plan (meal plan)?

Monthly Focused Coaching Updates: Depending on how many months you want your plan to be, we’ll re-assess and make changes to your plan if necessary.

This helps you reach your desired weight goal much sooner and lets us answer any of your questions or concerns.

Meal Plan and Wellness Plan: You get a thoroughly outlined and easy-to-follow meal plan and wellness plan.

The meal plan is designed to help you lose weight without fasting (although we accommodate fasting methods, if desired). It breaks down what you need to be eating on a daily basis, taking into account the foods you love!

This is no deprivation diet and you’ll still be able to eat foods you enjoy.

The wellness plan is a list of practices and exercises you can perform daily. Helping you to improve your mindset, clear your mind, improve flexibility, improve your mood and happiness, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting: Through our in-depth analysis and your personal goal-setting choice, we can suggest and even shift the focus of your meal and workout plant to a goal you would want to reach.

If you don’t know what to do or what you think is best, we’re here to help you and suggest a beneficial goal for you for both the short-term and long-term.

(short-term goal setting is around 30 to 90 days from today, while long-term goals are around 1 to 2 years away.

Grocery Shopping Guidelines and Tips: Our grocery shopping guidelines and tips are a series of steps and advice pieces you can take, right now, and apply it for when you’re getting groceries.

These tips and guidelines help you make the best choices for you and your family, encouraging a healthier eating choice and habits.

This also explains and clear a lot of the misconceptions and marketing tactics food companies use to make you think what you’re buying is healthy.

Also, we give you the tools, resources, and mindset you need to make better and healthier eating choices.

Personal Dietary Assessment: After buying your preferred plan, we’ll send you over a short and easy form to fill out.

This helps us better understand your needs, goals, and current status which lets us also give you better advice.

Weight Loss Advice and Consultations: At the beginning of each month (or 30-day period, depending when you bought the plan), we reach out to you to get a progress update.

This makes sure that you’re able to reach your goals and you’re having no trouble following the meal plan.

We’ll make any necessary changes to make the process easier for you.

24/7 Customer Support and Dietary Advice: Our 24/7 dedicated team is always monitoring our inbox for customer-related questions and concerns.

We prioritize your inquiries and get back to you as soon as possible, depending on the nature of the question.

If you need changes applied to your plan or additional clarification and advice, our team is always available to serve you.

What’s included in my workout plan?

Everything included in the meal plan (7 Benefits) PLUS

Workout Plan: We also give you a workout plan for each day of the week, scaling with your progress, challenges, and preferences. No matter your starting weight or size, we give you actionable fitness and workout routines designed specifically for you.

Our workout plan is designed to get you toned, fit, and healthy by focusing on multiple different types of workouts.

With a specific order, frequency, weight, and intervals, we amplify your results and you’ll see a drastic difference much sooner. Even for the astute gymer, our plans also help you get passed any plateaus.

Supplementation Plan: Supplements are a cherry-on-top bonus to the results you can see from your workouts and good eating habits. Supplements by themselves don’t drastically alter your physique, but they’re an integral part of a good and healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, some supplements encourage weight loss and accelerate fat burning. These supplements, coupled with good eating habits can surprisingly speed up your fat-burning and tone up your body.

Other benefits of proper supplementation include improving your heart health, skin health, eyesight and eye health, joint health, and increased energy levels.

Therapeutic Relaxation and Meditative Techniques: Relaxation and meditation are both very important for training your mind, in addition to your body. Efforts exerted in the gym are only as important as your rest days.

High levels of stress increases hunger cravings and weight gain. The stress hormone is made to signal to your body that it needs to start storing more fat and consuming more food.

Reducing stress has the opposite effect of reducing hunger cravings, reducing your appetite, blocks fat storing, and allows you to burn off fat easier.

Our relaxation and meditation techniques teach you how to perform relaxing activities anywhere you are. This reduces your blood pressure and heart rate, calming you down and allowing you to think clearly as well.

Meal Plan

Meal and Workout Plan